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Portable Transmitter

The portable transmitter provides a simple connection to assistive technology devices. It pairs wirelessly with the nurse call system and can be individually programmed to raise the appropriate alert.

Key benefits

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Programmable Call levels

The portable transmitter is programmable to generate and record specific events or alerts relating to a connected sensor.

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The portable transmitter connects to a multitude of assistive technology devices, typically chairs, beds and pressure mats, and can be configured as either open or closed contacts.

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By pairing wirelessly to the call system, the Safeguard transmitter avoids unnecessary trip hazards caused by trailing wires.

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The portable transmitter can be discreetly attached to different furniture and fittings using the simple flexible fitting mechanism.

Technical Specifications

Code: 980
Dimensions: 25mm x 80mm
Weight: 40g
Battery: Li Battery 3V Lithium coin cell type CR2477
Network: 868MHz RF

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