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SafeGuard Point

The SafeGuard point is used to control the monitoring functions within a resident or patient bedroom. Its sleek wall mounted design allows this unit to be positioned either side of a bedroom door for simple staff operation.

Key benefits

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Restricted Access

The control buttons are operated by authorised staff using an Intercall Care Card

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Multiple Call Levels

The Safeguard Point is used to alert staff to a resident getting out of bed or opening the bedroom door.

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A built-in reassurance LED and LCD screen provide staff an immediate visual indication of the rooms status.

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Flexible Connectivity

Installed on the simple Intercall bus network, either as part of a standalone Safeguard system or integrated into the Intercall Touch Nurse call system.

Technical Specifications

Code: 915
Dimensions: 116 x 96 x 24mm
Weight: 120g
Network: Intercall Bus

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