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Touch Bathroom Pull Cord

The Touch Bathroom Pull Cord is designed for use in a bathroom environment manufactured using an antibacterial cord with an anti-ligature breakaway to provide safety. The Pull Cord is paired to a central call point which provides the call address and reset function.

Key benefits

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The Bathroom Pull Cord features a built-in call reassurance LED, which gives the patient an immediate visual indication that help is on the way.<br />

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Safety First

The Pull Cord has an anti-ligature breakaway cord, designed to prevent tangling when pull pressure is exerted.

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Adjustable cord length

The pull cord has two adjustable loops for setting the pull cord height at different levels to ensure an alarm can be raised.

Technical Specifications

Code: 973
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 38mm
Weight: 90g
Antibacterial Efficacy: AntiISO 222196:2011. Anti-ligature

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