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Intercall Cloud

The Intercall Cloud service uses the power of the web to allow secure remote access to Intercall systems. Suitable for any care provider with either multiple sites or a single care facility, the Intercall Cloud gathers and collates your data into one single access point where data can be further analysed away from the care facility.

Nurse call data is captured and stored safely within the Cloud. This allows secure access anywhere in the world via computer, tablet or phone and keeps you in touch with the latest activity and performance of your facility’s systems 24 hours a day.

The Cloud reporting platform features clear, easy to understand graphical charts that automatically present nurse call data. Reports are broken down into the last hour, last 24 hours, last seven days and last month.

By simply logging into your own secure account you can instantly review real time events and monitor the performance of individual sites. Any issues can be spotted and dealt with immediately from anywhere in the world.

Data security is paramount, which is why all data is encrypted and password protected ensuring a secure connection. What’s 
more, Intercall Cloud’s compatibility means it can be retro fitted into 
existing Intercall 600/700 systems as well as the Touch series.

Intercall Cloud – keeping you in touch with your nursing staff and patients, anytime, anywhere.

Intercall App

The Intercall App has been developed to allow connectivity on the move. Using local wi-fi connection, authorised users can access call data wherever they are, allowing them to keep up to date with patients’ care status.

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