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Considered Innovation for Reassurance and Safety

Intercall products are expressly designed with the end-user in mind, so it comes as no surprise that the Touch Wireless Accessories have been designed to help offer superior support in assisted living and care home settings, including dementia care. 

Designed to integrate with multiple systems across the sector, not just Intercall systems, the Touch Portable Transmitter offers first-class wireless connectivity to numerous assistive technology devices including chairs, beds and pressure mats. Pairing wirelessly to the in-house system, it provides additional security for the user by alleviating the need for trailing wires, which in themselves can be a safety hazard. Whats more, the device can be individually programmed to raise appropriate alerts, putting the residents safety and dignity at the heart of the system. 

In more independent care situations, such as assisted living, portable call devices like the Touch Neck Pendant and the Wearable Call Point, offer comfortable, lightweight solutions based upon a discreet pendant or wristwatch design. These are perfect for raising an alarm when assistance is required, wherever the user may be. The built-in call reassurance LED gives the user an immediate visual sign that their alarm call has been successful, and that help is on its way.

Safety, reassurance and dignity are at the heart of all Intercall product developments, which is why we call our approach considered innovation.