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Automated Data Logging – An Invaluable Tool for Time-Strapped Staff


Care facilities across the UK are currently undergoing numerous challenges, with one of the most pressing being ongoing staff shortages. Partnered with the increasing need to make and store accurate care records, many organisations are turning to technology to help ease the staff burden while assisting the smooth running of the facility.


Although technology can never replace the dedicated care offered by care staff, data can be a great ally when it comes to quality assurance and consistency of care. The Intercall Touch Nurse Call system enables patients, residents, and nursing staff to communicate regularly, and allows staff to assess priorities quickly, providing reassurance that help is at hand while streamlining precious staff time. NFC Care Cards are invaluable in discreetly monitoring and recording staff response and movement in the care home, again offering reassurance to both patients and families. Care managers can configure individual cards via an easy-to-use programme, assigning staff ID cards with appropriate access levels that can be used to register nurse presence and release door locking mechanisms at a variety of entry locations, including drug stores.


With time becoming an increasingly precious resource, the fact that data can be shared seamlessly, without the need to copy across paper records or to wait for colleagues to hand over between shifts, is a boon for time-strapped staff. In short, the data logging system allows staff to spend less time on paperwork, and more time face-to-face with those in need of care.


Industry staff shortages are looking unlikely to ease anytime soon, and neither will the need for managers seeking efficiencies in both the process and accuracy of data collection and documentation.


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