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Guardian Personal Activation Device

The Personal Alarm triggers are worn by all members of staff that require protection. They use infra red and radio technology to generate a call transmitting the signal to wired receivers to provide the precise location identifying the caller from the transmitter’s own unique ID code.

Key benefits

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Multiple alert levels

Programmable button and rip out activator enabling hands free tracking

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Assign Unique Caller Identity

Each device can be assigned a User number or programmed with the individual’s name to personalise the system

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High frequency Infra Red Emitter

Each device uses 6 powerful infra red transmitters to maximise performance and coverage.

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Flexible Clip Fixing

Discreetly attaches to users clothing for easy access.

Technical Specifications

Specs: RFID programming STC8 Dual technology radio
LED: Reassurance LED
IR: STC9 Infra Red Trigger
Battery: Low battery alert

Product Enquiries

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