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600/700 Pear Lead

The Intercall 600/700 Pear Lead is a simple individual call device in 2 or 4 metre lengths, as standard, designed specifically for patients with restricted movement. With an easy operating interface connected to any call point, it allows staff to see the precise location of any pear call, or if it has been removed. Part of the Intercall 600/700 Nurse Call Series.

Key benefits

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The Pear Lead features a built-in call reassurance LED providing the patient an immediate visual indication that help is on the way.

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Its durable clip fastens securely to the patient’s sheets or bedclothes ensuring that it is always within easy reach.

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An alarm is raised by pressing the button should the unit be pulled out of its socket an alarm will also be raised

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Easy to use

The units feature a wipe clean soft touch switch which is easy to activate with light finger pressure.

Technical Specifications

Code: NP2i / NP4i

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