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600/700 LCD Display

The 2 line backlit LCD provides a clear textual indication of the call location identity of the caller and the alert level. Calls are numbered in order of priority and receipt so no activity is missed. Clear and easy to use, this staff communication tool is packed full of helpful features keeping care staff well informed of all system activity. Part of the Intercall 600/700 Nurse Call Series.

Key benefits

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Day/Night Settings

Tone / Alarm levels can be adjusted for busy Day & quieter Night settings

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Individual displays can be zoned so they respond to specific call points.

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Configurable Settings

Each display is individually configurable.

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Accept and Staff Location features

Calls can be accepted at the staff displays and nurse presence location shown.

Technical Specifications

Specs: Intercom version also available
Code: L628 / L758
Dimensions: 80mm x 140mm x 40mm
Weight: 200g

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