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IP470 Legacy Bridge

The IP470 provides an IP platform for legacy INTERCALL 600/700 systems powered by the older generation power supplies. This IP platform captures the date and time of system activity, and allows greater connectivity and integration for legacy systems to benefit from the latest IP product releases.

Key benefits

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All system events, times and actions are automatically captured and logged. Data can be retrieved and sorted either using the embedded search facility or by downloading results to a spreadsheet.

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Paging Integration

The IP470 includes a built in RS232 serial port and powerful despatch engine to communicate and program paging equipment.

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PC Management

The IP470 allows your legacy system to be networked, providing a platform for additional software such as our Windows CMSIP Call Management software

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Intercall Cloud

Provides the IP bridge for legacy systems allowing a Cloud gateway to be introduced for advanced secure remote call logging

Technical Specifications

Code: IP470
Battery: Power Supply PoE
Network: 802.3 af

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