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600/700 Infra Red Pendant

The Intercall 600/700 infra-red pendant is a portable call device that’s ideal for both care home residents and assisted living inhabitants. Worn as a neck pendant its lightweight comfortable design allows users to get on with their day-to-day lives safely in the knowledge that help is close at hand. The neck pendant requires an infra-red enabled call point to provide accurate call location and user data.

Key benefits

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Identify the Caller

Each trigger can either be assigned a user number or the individuals name can be programmed to personalise the system.

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Neck breakaway cord

For safety each trigger is supplied with an anti-ligature breakaway cord.

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Ultra high power Infra Red Emitter

Each trigger has six powerful infrared transmitters to maximise signal performance and coverage.

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Comfortable Lanyard

Manufactured from 9mm wide polyester to sit comfortably against the skin.

Technical Specifications

Code: TIR4
IR: 23A

Product Enquiries

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