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600/700 Dementia Controller

The Intercall Dementia Controller is designed as a non-intrusive system to monitor resident rooms. The call system detects when a resident is out of bed and activates room lighting helping to reduce the risk of a fall. Staff are alerted through the Intercall nurse call system in the event of abnormal behavior.

Key benefits

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Light Guidance

Controls bed and WC lights to guide confused residents.

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Time Profiles

The dementia controller has 18 behaviour profiles allowing each resident profile to be individually adjusted.

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Profile 18

The simplest profile uses a bed pressure mat to detect when a resident is out of bed and automatically switch on the lights.

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Independent Door Monitoring

Simple to use two button operation and LCD screen allows both the door and bed sensor to be armed.

Technical Specifications

Code: L672
Dimensions: 80mm x 140mm x 40mm
Weight: 200g

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