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600/700 Ceiling Pull Switch

The Intercall 600/700 Ceiling Pull Switch is designed for use in a bathroom environment. The Pull Switch is wired to a central call point which provides the call address and reset function. The unit is ceiling-mounted and sold complete with a surface box.

Key benefits

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Programmable Call Options

Either a standard call or emergency call can be raised from a pull cord

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The Pull Cord features two built-in call LED’s giving reassurance that help is on the way.

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Adjustable Cord Length

The pull cord has two adjustable loops for setting the pull cord height at different levels to ensure an alarm can be raised.

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Second Location

Staff displays can be configured to identify a sub address within a room such as ‘bathroom’ or ‘en-suite’

Technical Specifications

Code: CS1
Dimensions: 30mm x 80mm
Weight: 50g

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