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600/700 Audio Call Points

The Intercall 600/700 nurse call series offers both speech and non-speech options. The audio call points are required at every location that requires speech. The intercom facility is activated on call and assistance events allowing the instant reassurance of human interaction to establish the care needs of the caller. An infra-red receiver is fitted as standard to operate the infra-red pendants.

Key benefits

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Hands Free Two-Way Intercom

The resident does not have to press any buttons once the alert has been raised staff control the direction of the speech allowing the resident to speak freely reassured they have spoken to someone and help is on the way.

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7 Levels of Call

Call alerts are automatically prioritised to inform staff to attend to residents or patients. These events are also available in a non-speech version.

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Page Facility

Staff can make global announcements to all other staff displays and call points that are in staff present mode.

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Call Display

Also available with a version that combines the features of an LCD Display and an Audio Call Point. Alerting staff to other system activities and improving the speed at which staff can reassure residents that help is on the way.

Technical Specifications

Code: L753 / L752 / L762
Dimensions: 85mm x 125mm x 25mm
Weight: 125g

Product Enquiries

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