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Restful Homes Group

Restful Homes Group

Restful Homes Group conducted a building project to construct three new care homes in the Midlands and south of England. Restful Homes offer luxurious and homely environments to their clients, so the chosen nurse call system had to be in keeping with the high standard of interior design. The system had to be easy for residents to use yet feature packed in line with today’s technological expectations.

Restful Homes Group had used Intercall 600/700 series in previous projects and were delighted to see the stylish remoulding of the Touch range. The group were particularly interested to look at Intercall’s new thermal image sensor to help safeguard their residents suffering from dementia.

SafeGuard Sensor

The thermal image sensor provided an improved detection method to traditional pressure mats, as the sensor is placed above the bed on the ceiling, automatically removing the trip hazard faced by pressure mats. The ceiling sensor provided an unobtrusive, passive monitor the residents were unaware of.

As the sensor detects heat, it allowed residents greater freedom of movement in bed, yet reassured staff if they were out of bed the room’s light would automatically come on and staff would be immediately alerted. For Restful Homes we felt it offered residents a degree of independence whilst balancing the demand for good care. 

“Intercall is our first choice call system, it’s the best system on the market”.