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Notaro Care Homes

Notaro Care Homes

Casa di Lusso is a new state of the art care home specializing in residential nursing, learning disabilities and memory care. The Notaro Group required a specialist call system that could fulfil the requirements of both its residential patients and support the needs of its dementia wing. Any product installed had to be discreet, subtle and in keeping with the groups high standard of interior design and care.

The Intercall Touch nurse call and Safeguard system was the obvious choice. Staff from Notaro shared their experiences with other manufacturers solutions for dementia alerting, typically the group had used pressure mats and basic passive infra red sensors which hadn't delivered the results they'd hoped. Intercall’s thermal image sensor offered an enhanced way to monitor the bed using higher level technology. With sensors placed above the bed, the group had removed the risk of inherent false alarms and trip hazards, offering their residents greater independence and safety whilst balancing the demand for care when required.

Care staff quickly adopted the use of the Care Cards to clear down calls on the nurse call system, plus the same card granted permission through a number of access doors into sensitive areas. The Care Card also authorized staff to arm Safeguard points for dementia alerting.

The Notaro Group chose Intercall due to the combination of the stylish looking units, and the ability to integrate systems across access control, dementia and nurse call technology all working together as one system.