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Intercall One Bucks the Global Supply Challenge Trend

You may have heard about the global supply chain challenges facing the manufacturing industry, but what is the cause of these challenges and what do they mean in practice for Intercall?

There are three key challenges facing UK manufacturers. International and local lockdowns, followed by raw material shortages, and finally economic and political instability - whether that be the war in Ukraine or the ongoing effects of Brexit.

Although all Intercall products are made here in the UK, strict Covid lockdowns in Asia have resulted in most sectors and international markets experiencing delays or shortages. In particular, the closure of factories in key areas throughout the pandemic have led to a global shortage of electronic components, resulting in rising worldwide demand and substantial backlogs. Meanwhile, many areas are still experiencing shipping delays with containers unable to unload in ports due to staff shortages on land.

Like our colleagues in the manufacturing sector, we too are feeling the effects of these challenges. But there is good news. The pre-covid production and recent launch of Intercall One, has resulted in excellent stocks of the new nurse call range.

Built on the platform of our bestselling legacy systems, Intercall One provides a modern, affordable call system for the digital age, installed on a reliable 2 wire system. It’s the perfect upgrade to your existing system or alternative to the Intercall 600 range and is available without delay.

With the supply challenges looking set to be an issue for a while to come, Intercall One could be the perfect choice for your immediate nurse call system requirements.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements, give us a call or contact us.