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Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire support individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Our Residents are often independent so our choice of call system is vital.

We had an Intercall 600 system which was roughly 10 years old, and still functioning well. However our demands from the call system had changed and grown enormously, as we wanted greater accountability to match today’s busy and demanding care environment.

We were instantly attracted towards the Touch system and its use of Care Cards. They were straightforward for staff to use and easy to manage yet more importantly it assigned responsibility for calls to individual staff. Our team quickly got behind the idea of checking in and out of rooms whilst visiting residents, this simple action quickly brought a wealth of data which is easy for us to review and discuss if required.

Staff were encouraged to present their cards to call points to record attendance even if they weren’t responding to a specific call. The shift leader can now identify where in the building staff are at all times.

We also wanted the call system to generate calls at specific times and the Touch Series allows call points to be configured to raise a scheduled call. We have deployed this feature strategically configuring a number of scheduled calls throughout the night, reassuring management that certain checks and visits were routinely performed, plus identifying which staff member performed those checks.

“We’re delighted with our upgraded system, recommending Intercall for further projects within our group”. – Marcus, Leonard Cheshire